10 Best Horror Movie Survivors


Horror movies have seen a lot of protagonists but not so many survivors. Horror movie characters are strong not just because they have to be, but because their survival depends on it. Characters who are lucky enough to survive have strengths in multiple departments.

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Horror movie survivors beat to the beat of their own drum. Their survival depends on the fact that they are different and can think outside the box. These characters don’t confuse confidence with ego and don’t believe their intelligence makes them better, and because of these traits, they may live to see a new day. From newcomers to horror like Chris Washington to classic icons like Laurie Strode, only a few horror movie survivors can be considered the best.

10/10 Grace Le Domas justifiably saw the disappearance of her tormentors

Ready or Not

The Le Domas family of Ready or Not they had an evil secret: they would sometimes hunt down the newest member of the family to continue a contract made with Le Bail by their ancestors. This hunt was hidden inside a game of hide and seek which, unfortunately, was the card that Grace had drawn.

Grace was betrayed by her husband and the family she thought would be hers. Though she was outnumbered, Grace’s will to live and her growing hatred for the people around her made her a strong fighter against all odds. In the end, Ella Grace had the last laugh as her family couldn’t kill her, which meant her contract was broken and her torturers paid the ultimate price.

9/10 Cole Johnson went from being bullied to being the sole survivor

The babysitter

the netflix original The babysitter showed Cole Johnson with his funny and sympathetic babysitter, Bee, who later turns out to be part of an evil cult. Cole’s blood is essential to her rituals, so when she finds out about this, of course, she runs away from him.

Cole was a victim of bullying during his youth, so seeing him eliminate every member of the cult felt just right. Additionally, Cole proved to be a selfless and caring individual, refusing Bee’s invitation to a life where it’s just them against the world. Cole’s values ​​continue in the sequel. Killer Queen,and even Bee has a little arc of redemption to boot.

8/10 Zoey Davis carved out her own path and won the game

escape room

When given the chance to win a cash prize for playing in an escape room, Zoey Davis and many others couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Unfortunately, the escape rooms turned out to be deadly, killing several participants in the escape room Serie.

Zoey was one of the few characters to survive, and it was due to her intelligence and perseverance. Zoey breaks away from the group and creates her own path to freedom and is the person who will inevitably kill the creator of the horrible games she and the others experienced. Zoey comes back for him tournament of champions but he is still just as intelligent and capable of surviving.

7/10 Mike Enslin tried everything to leave the apartment his way


In 1408Skeptic Mike Enslin found himself at the Dolphin Hotel and was faced with the realization that the supernatural exists. In the theatrical release, Mike survives the hotel horrors, but not without lasting effects.

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Mike was a character who tried everything he could to escape from the room. From climbing the building to climbing the vents. Mike’s resilience was challenged again and again, and when the room offered him death, he refused. While the theatrical release is the only ending Mike survives, it shows that this version of Mike was stronger than others.

6/10 Laurie Strode has been tormented by Michael Myers since 1978

Halloween Franchise

Laurie Strode of the Hallowe’en The franchise has been through a lot, to say the least. Despite the difference in fees in the Hallowe’en franchise, every version of Laurie Strode has been tormented by the elusive Micheal Myers and is definitely one of the greatest horror movie survivors of all time.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ dedication to the character plus Laurie’s Scream Queen quality puts the character in a league of her own. Continuously, in the most recent entries of Hallowe’en, Laurie single-handedly defeats Michael and ends his reign of terror once and for all. One thing is for sure: everyone at Haddonfield should be glad she survived him.

5/10 Danny Torrance’s horrible past proved to be useful in the future

the glow

The Overlook Hotel housed spirits of all kinds in the glow, and some of them managed to corrupt Jack Torrance. Jack Torrance threatened the life of his wife, Wendy, and his son, Danny.

Fortunately, both Wendy and Danny escaped Jack’s wrath, but the glow inside Danny never left him. Danny grew up and learned to effectively use the brilliance from him with the help of Dick Hallorann’s spirit. Although Danny did not survive doctor sleephis experience at the Overlook, though terrible, was able to help someone else with the shine.

4/10 Sidney Prescott lives a good life despite his past

The scream franchise

by Wes Craven Scream The series introduced audiences to one of horror’s most iconic final girls, Sidney Prescott. Sidney’s unfortunate ability to lure killers her way, coupled with her ability to actively outwit those killers, makes for an entertaining story.

Sidney is also one of the best horror movie survivors because, with each movie, she becomes more cautious but not entirely paranoid. Sydney was seen in Scream (2022) as someone capable of raising a family and being an active participant in his family’s life while remaining cautious. Sidney’s happiness is not defined by the murders that surround her, and she has learned to deal with it and live her life to the fullest.

3/10 Chris Washington’s intelligence and choice of friends helped him out


jordan peele Salt It was a phenomenal film with an equally phenomenal lead. Chris Washington found himself in an impossible situation that included subtle racism mixed with overt evil, but he was tough enough to survive.

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The Armitage family agenda was diabolical with manipulations and forced hypnosis, there were many things that Chris was dealing with. However, Chris’s adaptability and mental acuity help him escape and defeat the Armitages. On top of that, Chris’ choice of friends also turned out to be a smart move, with Rod Williams also coming to the rescue.

2/10 Nancy Thompson’s inner strength proved to be a worthy opponent

Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise

Although his story ended in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, Nancy Thompson’s fighting spirit is one of the best. Nancy’s self-confidence defeated Freddy in the original Nightmare movie and inspired the other kids to dream warriors.

Continually, Nancy is a resilient and intelligent person. When everyone around her tried to claim that she was crazy, that didn’t stop her from coming up with a plan to stop Freddy. Her stubbornness and intelligence helped her set traps against the dream demon, and as her reign of terror continued, she proved to be a real threat to Freddy Krueger.

1/10 Andy Barclay is still fighting Chucky in his adulthood

children’s game franchise

Andy Barclay was only six years old when Charles “Chucky” Lee Ray was given as a Good Guy doll in Child’s play. This resulted in multiple deaths surrounding Andy and forced him to become paranoid in regards to the Good Guy dolls.

Andy grew up fighting Chucky and the fight is far from over. Andy has been fighting the evil of Chucky since 1988 and is now a grown man helping other kids defeat him. All in all, Andy Barclay’s formative years and adulthood have unfortunately been taken over by the threat of Chucky, but because of this he has made him one of the greatest horror movie survivors to date.

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