10 Best Ghost Stories In DC Comics


Ghost tales are available many varieties. Some are bone-chilling tales of suspense with spectral apparitions and unseen palms. Others are eerie of their give attention to issues lengthy handed and beings past their time and place within the pure world. However, what unites all good ghost tales is the emotional toll they tackle the individuals who hear or learn them.

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DC Comics has a bunch of ghosts to rival all others, stemming from their roots within the pulp comics of the Golden Age. From haunted heroes to useless planets, it is a chilly multiverse stuffed with loss and unfinished enterprise. Vengeful spirits and misplaced souls have taken residence in lots of DC titles, however these comics are one of the best and spookiest for the way they grip readers by combining superheroes, the supernatural, and darkish parts of realism all through.

10/10 Ghosts Is A Spooky Golden Age Anthology

Ghosts (1971-1982)

The Golden Age of Comics was marked by pulp fiction designed to thrill and terrify younger readers. Crime and horror titles had been the most well-liked of the period, and DC’s Ghosts sought to resurrect the custom by the Silver Age.

The anthology collection had a chilling ghost story in every subject, typically together with a twist ending the place a number of characters are revealed to be ghosts. Some tales search to instill an ethical, whereas others are purely for leisure. Spanning 112 points, the collection options skeletal brides, phantom organ gamers, and ghost pirates, to call a couple of.

9/10 DC’s Cursed Comics Cavalcade Is Chilling

Cursed Comics Cavalcade (2018)

Larger comedian publishers launch Halloween specials yearly, be they for singular titles or anthologies starring a number of heroes in their very own unconnected tales. Cursed Comics Cavalcade options ten tales from totally different artistic groups, starring the likes of Etrigan, Swamp Thing, and Superman, amongst others.

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Superman:Strange Visitor, written by Mags Visaggio with artwork by Minkyu Jung, and colours by Jordie Bellaire, sees the Man of Steel in a state of sleep paralysis as a spectral determine passes over him and Lois Lane. Yellow Jack, by Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko, portrays Jason Blood as a ghost hunter. Both are improbable ghost tales starring well-liked heroes.

8/10 The Gentleman Ghost Raised An Army

JSA #82-87 (2006) By Paul Levitz, George Pérez, Bob Wiacek & Tom Smith

The Justice Society of America is likely one of the oldest superhero groups in existence, each as a result of they appeared in comics in 1940 and since many staff members are older than the typical superhero. JSA #82-87 is a narrative arc merely referred to as “Ghosts Stories.”

Written by Paul Levitz and illustrated by many artists, the ultimate six problems with JSA see the Victorian villain, the Gentleman Ghost, elevate a military of acquainted spirits. With the assistance of Batman’s ghost, the heroes discover their very own bloodlines and histories to cease the paranormal menace.

7/10 Hector Hall Survives In Dreams

Sandman #11 (1989) By Neil Gaiman, Mike Dringenberg, Malcom Jones III & Robbie Busch

Hawkman and Hawkgirl have a type of immortality that causes them to die and resurrect every time they discover one another. Unfortunately their son, Hector, doesn’t bear the identical curse. When he died there was no coming again, however his disembodied spirit managed to stay on elsewhere.

In Neil Gaiman’s Sandman #11, two escaped nightmares confess to their amused and mildly aggravated grasp, Morpheus, that they drove Garrett Sanford, the unique Sandman, to suicide. Needing a hero to occupy the goals of a kid, they stole Hall’s soul. Lord Morpheus promptly banishes Hector from the Dreaming, lastly laying him to relaxation.

6/10 Even Superman Can Be Possessed

Legends of the World’s Finest (1994) By Walt Simonson & Dan Brereton

Legends of the World’s Finest is a three-issue collection. When the Silver Banshee and the demon Tullus got down to avenge an historic Scottish clan, Earth’s two best heroes are pit in opposition to each other in a ghost-powered battle for the ages.

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Superman has tangled with the paranormal many instances, however this time round he acts fully out of character. Clark cannot sleep, his heroics are missing, and he is extra irritable and distractible than ever earlier than. When he succumbs to the ghostly duo’s long-distance puppeteering, solely Batman, powered by a rival clan and wielding a magic sword, can carry him again.

5/10 The Spectre Is The Spirit Of Vengeance

The Spectre (1992-1998) By John Ostrander

John Ostrander’s run on The Spectre lasted from 1992 to 1998, featured dozens of gifted artists, and basically modified the character. Being the best hand of God, The Spectre was beforehand a personality with little or no room for development, serving as an overpowered plot machine when he wasn’t deliberately holding again.

Ostrander’s collection explores darkish themes related to Catholicism, portray The Spectre in a completely totally different mild. The man he had as soon as been, Jim Corrigan, is a person connected to prejudiced beliefs which affect the phantom haunting him from inside. When precise angels appropriate their behaviors and attitudes, the hero transforms from a clear-cut vengeful spirit right into a ghostly hero in want of great self-reflection.

4/10 Martian Manhunter Is Plagued By A Martian Death God

Martian Manhunter (1988) By J.M. DeMatteis, Mark Badger, Bob Lappan & Andrew Helfer

J’onn J’onzz is one among DC’s final sons, a title he shares with Superman and the bounty hunter Lobo after the deaths of their respective planets. In the 1988 Martian Manhunter restricted collection, that backstory is thrown into query. As Martian Manhunter mysteriously loses management, the world’s heroes flip their consideration to him.

H’ronmeer, the long-dead Martian god of loss of life, life, and fireplace, seems to J’onn, revealing that his recollections of Mars are partially fabricated. J’onn is possessed by the deific spirit till the apparently alive Doctor Erdel, together with Mister Terrific and the distant ghosts of Mars, leads the hero to a breakthrough that adjustments the character ceaselessly.

3/10 Batman Partners With Deadman To Battle An Evil Spirit

Batman/Deadman: Death and Glory (1997) By James Robinson & John Estes

Of all DC’s supernatural heroes, Deadman is by far probably the most ghostly. In Batman/Deadman: Death and Glory, he will get the uncommon alternative to associate with a residing individual when Batman summons him by way of blood ritual.

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When an evil spirit possesses Batman and begins killing individuals, the caped crusader assumes Deadman is accountable. After almost banishing him from existence, Batman realizes he is unsuitable, and the 2 determine to staff up. What makes this comedian such a fantastic ghost story is its give attention to real-life sickness and mortality, giving readers an ending that’s eerie, unhappy, and actually stunning.

2/10 Constantine Met The Loneliest Ghost

Hellblazer #27 (1990) By Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean & Daniel Vozzo

Hellblazer #27 is one among John Constantine’s most emotional encounters. A spirit stalks a very chilly spring, when homophobia introduced on by the AIDS epidemic runs rampant, killing those that refuse to hug him. The ghost itself resembles a homeless man, misplaced and alone.

Constantine talks with a good friend who asks him to assist her and her fiancé conceive. The paranormal investigator says he must take a stroll, then encounters the ghost who continues to repeat that he’s chilly and desires somebody to carry him. John obliges and the spirit instantly finds peace. John then weeps for the poor soul who solely sought compassion.

1/10 Swamp Thing Facilitates Peace and Justice For Spirits

Swamp Thing Vol. 2 #41-42 (1985) By Alan Moore, Stephen Bissette, Alfredo Alcala & Tatjana Wood

On a “historical” plantation within the swamps of Louisiana, issues take a ugly flip because the filmmaking descendants of those that lived, labored, and died on the plantation are possessed by their ancestors.

In Swamp Thing #41-42, the White director and solid members brutalize their Black co-star and crew members on this subversive story about exploitation, the erasure of historical past, and zombies. Swamp Thing himself is nearly an afterthought because the spirits rise from their graves to actual righteous vengeance. It’s each deeply disturbing and thought-provoking and has a chilling ending much better than any common fireplace ghost story.

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