10 Best Fortnite Halloween Skins


Fortnite takes its Halloween event very seriously, and because of this, it has a bunch of skins that it drops during its October events. This has made for so many Fortnite Halloween skins that people can now create entire lists of the top 10 skins that were some of the coolest in the spookiest way possible.

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This list aims to achieve that by offering skins that will be on offer in the Fortnitemares 2022 event, as well as those that were featured in previous Halloween events. Some skins are here because they send chills down the spine of players who face them, while others have captivating designs.


10/10 grimoire

Grimoire looks like the main character from a game or movie in a post-apocalyptic setting. He has dark features that make his facial makeup resemble the face of a Norwegian black metal singer. She also has different styles that implement her hood over her head to display the skull emblem.

His gas mask looks like a cubist or brutalist accessory, as many of the edges are sharp and distinct in the way they stick out. It’s a lot of the little details that make this skin stand out from others on and off this list.

9/10 Fortnite Curd Scream Leader

The Curdle Scream Leader skin uses the well-known Frankenstein monster trope, but turns it into something that doesn’t make much sense. There are parts of the skin that look like they belong on a pink teddy bear and other parts that look like they belong on a tomato. It’s creepy not because it’s unsettling, but because of how confusing it becomes to look at.

Some parts of the design look like rotting skin that has been sewn together with fabric and then underneath her skin sticking out from the loosely sewn layers. This is the most M-rated thing that has probably ever been put into a T-rated game.

8/10 embossed leather

Graven’s skin looks like a mummy that is crumbling under mystical armor. The mummy seems to have belonged to a kind of pharaoh who held a high position of power. This would explain why the tip of the fur hood resembles Ra’s face: Ra is the king of all gods in Egyptian religion.

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This is a rare skin, for good reason, as it does an excellent job of combining creepy and awesomely imposing. The glowing purple eyes and bones sticking out of the casings are sinister, but they also add to how intimidating a player will feel in battle.

7/10 lonely skin

Lone Skin looks like a wolf hiding in human clothing. The skin seems to have been designed to give the appearance that when there is a full moon, this character is turning into a werewolf. She has piercing bright yellow eyes that are spelled out by the black eyeshadow that surrounds them.

His long cape looks like a wolf skin that he wraps around his body. She also has different moons on her belt buckle, necklace, and gloves on both hands.

6/10 Fortnite The Batman Who Laughs

The Batman Who Laughs is an evil version of Batman from the dark multiverse who came to life in Fortnite on October 26, 2021. His outfit looks like a psychotic version of Batman with chains wrapping around his chest and debris. His big grin is also reminiscent of the Joker, as she is big and crazed.

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The skin cape is different from anything Batman would wear, but it still takes themes from the bats and feels like a piece that represents the darker side of the creature.

5/10 Big Mouth

This may be overkill to some, but Big Mouth’s skin looks like a modern interpretation of Seymour, the giant plant monster, from Little Shop of Horrors. The skin, as its name implies, has an extremely large mouth that is full of sharp teeth. The skin appears to be sinister, but at the same time, for some reason, it doesn’t seem completely evil.

Big Mouth may not give off an evil aura due to the goofy nature of the frogs Big Mouth seems to consume. It’s one of the funniest skins in the series, as many other skins in Fortnite or any other shooter don’t use the scary but kinda cute monster aesthetic.

4/10 sinister glow

Sinister Glare was one of the winners of a Fortnitemares skin contest hosted by Fortnite. The contest had players submit concept art for Fortnite and the winners turned their art into skins for Fortnite’s Fortnightmares 2022 event. The concept has a hand that is the skin face with a single giant glowing eye in the center of its face.

The character has mystical and runic looking robes with a light blue design lining the left part of his body and also his right leg.

3/10 Endless pain

Undying Sorrow was the second skin to win the Fortnitemares competition and it has to be one of the creepiest in the game. The skin has three eyes on the head that are blood red. His skin looks pale like the corpse of someone who has recently passed away and the makeup he puts on his face looks ritualistic.

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Everything about how she is designed makes her look like a vengeful spirit that has been released. Her horns and wings give her a demonic air. With everything combined, she looks like a nightmare web.

2/10 hallowed

The Hallowhead skin in Fortnite takes the iconic story of The Legend of the Sleepy Hallow and brings it to life. This outfit is very reminiscent of what the Headless Horseman adorns in that story, as the costume even includes a giant Jack o’ Lantern as the face of this skin.

The details are one of the strengths of the outfit, as it looks like it was created with fall in mind. The costume’s collar includes brownish-green leaves along with the belt in its wake. Overall, a lot of detail went into creating this fiery face look.

1/10 teef

Teef looks like the main villain’s henchman from a Saturday morning cartoon. He has the qualities of a monster such as pink bulbous areas on his body and a giant mouth full of crooked teeth. This skin, on the other hand, also has comically small feet that are unrealistically disproportionate to the rest of his body.

The black and white aesthetic of its unique piece also makes this skin look like an escaped prisoner or some kind of bandit. It leaves a lot to be interpreted, but that’s part of what makes it so appealing to watch.

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