Apart from the ever-threatening scheduling conflicts, one of many greatest challenges a Dungeon Master can face in Dungeons and Dragons is introducing an enormous dangerous. If it is a lengthy game, then the strain is on for the ultimate boss to be value all of the toil and the adventures that got here earlier than.

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Fortunately, D&D is filled with terrifying and difficult monsters simply ready to face in a celebration’s approach on the finish of the marketing campaign. From basic monsters with a twist to completely distinctive figures from D&D mythology, enterprising DM’s have lots to select from when crafting their marketing campaign’s final finish.

Updated September 22, 2022 by Declan Lowthian: As fifth version D&D grows and modifications, much more highly effective monsters have been launched that will all make wonderful decisions for the tip of a marketing campaign. We’ve revamped this checklist with a few of the finest and most original endgame bosses obtainable in the present day.

14 A Red Dragon Dracolich Is A Classic With A Twist


Dragons are one of the crucial iconic and recognizable monsters in Dungeons & Dragons. They are one half of the identify, in spite of everything. Red dragons are probably the most highly effective of the chromatic dragons, however there’s a technique to make them much more fearsome.

The Monster Manual offers a dracolich template, which bumps the basic monster to the subsequent stage. By including enhanced necrotic talents, injury resistances, and the power to come back again from the useless, turning a pink dragon right into a dracolich provides a brand new dimension to an previous favourite.

12 Krakens Force The Party To Take To The High Seas

Deep-sea or excessive seas adventures in Dungeons and Dragons are all the time a success with each gamers and Dungeon Masters. Having a mighty kraken as the ultimate boss in thoughts provides extra excuse to delve into this thrilling D&D panorama.

The Kraken is likely one of the mightiest creatures within the Monster Manual, able to driving a whole marketing campaign by itself. The early phases may give attention to a cult of kraken monks, whereas the late phases may see the gamers looking the creature all the way down to its watery lair.

11 A Warforged Colossus Creates A Battle Of Massive Proportions

Introduced in Eberron: Rising from the Last War, the warforged colossus largely resembles the humanoid warforged, besides that it’s many, many tales tall. Even a D&D marketing campaign that does not happen in Eberron may simply discover a place for an enormous, historical, magical titan.

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A warforged colossus is designed to hold wizards and troopers inside its physique, to allow them to perform as remaining dungeon and remaining boss all wrapped up in a single. A D&D get together may even discover the inside workings of a warforged colossus early of their profession earlier than battling it is awoken kind on the marketing campaign climax.


9 A Beholder Puts A Weird Spin On A D&D Campaign

Beholders have an extended and storied historical past in D&D, and for good purpose. These creatures are xenophobic masterminds with a big selection of psionic and arcane powers. Beholders might be discovered virtually wherever, and their weird powers make them an ideal end-game boss.

Beholders are available in many alternative varieties, from the essential kind to the vampiric dying kiss beholder to the undead dying tyrant. Some beholders may even warp the world round them as they dream, offering limitless selection for the mayhem they’ll trigger.

8 An Evil Solar Provides An Unexpected Subversion

Solars are probably the most highly effective number of angel in Dungeons & Dragons, they usually are inclined to serve lawful good deities. However, no person is ideal, even an angel. The Monster Manual describes how some angels fall from grace, both because of their very own hubris or via some depraved deception.

A photo voltaic that has fallen from its path and turned to villainy makes for a novel and compelling villain. They keep their angelic powers, and a celebration could be continually attempting to get via to no matter good could be left.

7 Illithiliches Combine Two Fantastic Monsters

Mind flayers and liches are each overplayed, however combining them each creates a brand new monsters that is greater than the sum of its elements. With the illithilich, DMs not have to decide on favorites. These undead thoughts flayers can leverage each psionic and arcane magic of their efforts to take down the get together.

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The build-up in a Dungeons & Dragons marketing campaign that includes an illithilich is certain to maintain the gamers guessing. They might, at completely different occasions, guess that the ultimate boss might be one or the opposite. This will make the final word reveal all of the extra thrilling and terrifying.

6 Greatwyrms Are The Ultimate Fate Of D&D’s Mightiest Dragons

An historical dragon is highly effective sufficient, however Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons launched one other, much more highly effective stage to a dragon’s lifespan. Greatwyrms are even bigger than their historical counterparts, and are accordingly much more highly effective.

Any form of dragon can grow to be a greatwyrm, so there is not any finish to the range these creatures supply. Any D&D marketing campaign can finish with a dragon combat, however solely probably the most legendary will finish by going through off towards a greatwyrm.

5 Strahd Von Zarovich Looms Large In His Own Campaign And Beyond


Strahd Von Zarovich is the star villain of the ever-popular Curse of Strahd marketing campaign. However, DMs can simply raise this basic villain for their very own campaigns. While he clearly takes a number of inspiration from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, fiction and mythology are each stuffed with vampire story to take inspiration from.

A marketing campaign with Strahd as the primary villain will invariably characteristic horror parts, however may additionally comprise intrigue, social eventualities, and a few good quaint monster looking. No matter what, this highly effective undead monster is certain to dive an thrilling D&D marketing campaign.

3 The Tarrasque Is A World-Ending Threat

Not each D&D marketing campaign must be about saving the world. But for those which might be, it is exhausting to discover a extra applicable remaining boss than the tarrasque. This actually legendary beast is likely one of the strongest creatures in all of Dungeons & Dragons fifth Edition.

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The tarrasque could make a whopping 5 assaults every flip, along with scary anybody who stands too near it. It can even replicate virtually any spells despatched its approach, that means that even a high-level get together might want to leverage all their talents to lastly win the day.

2 Acererak Is A D&D Villain From The Old Days

Seasoned D&D gamers who’ve by no means confronted Acererak ought to present it a attempt no less than as soon as. He initially hails from The Tomb of Horrors, extensively thought of one of many best, and deadliest, D&D adventures of all time. Acererak bought the fifth Edition D&D remedy within the Tomb of Annihilation marketing campaign, and he simply lives as much as his popularity.

Acererak is a reasonably generic evil lich within the grand scheme of issues, so he might be simply slotted into any marketing campaign world. He dietary supplements his highly effective magical talents with a number of extremely highly effective magic objects, making him an ideal candidate for marketing campaign ending boss.


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