10 Best Attacks In Sailor Moon, Ranked


One of the best parts of sailor moon it is the evolution of the Scouts’ powers with each new villain they face. Each Sailor Scout’s powers have themes associated with the folklore of her planet names, and some connections are more obvious than others. As the Scout attacks become more powerful, sometimes more unpacking is needed to see the folk connections.

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Attacks can be simple, like throwing a tiara like a disk, while others are like a fireworks display of explosive colors and fused elements. Some attacks have beautiful symbolic imagery, while others can be more whimsical and can only be used for a filler episode.

10/10 The underwater reflection reveals the enemy’s weaknesses and attacks them with a powerful wave

sailor neptune

Sailor Neptune’s blue planet is named after the Roman god of the sea. She uses the Deep Aqua Mirror, symbolic of the reflecting surface of the ocean and her gift of foresight, to direct her attack, Submarine Reflection.

Sailor Neptune can use the mirror to search for her enemy’s weaknesses and reveal their location. She then uses the Deep Aqua Mirror to direct a large wave of seawater at the villain. The attack can spew a shimmering patch of blue mist and bubbles, like sunlight shining through deep water.

9/10 Mercury Aqua Rhapsody freezes the enemy with a song

sailor mercury

Sailor Mercury’s aquatic powers are derived from her planet’s Japanese name, Suisei, which refers to water. Mercury’s most powerful attack is also his most musical, Mercury Aqua Rhapsody.

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The water jets gather to form one of Sailor Mercury’s special items, the Mercury Harp, which she taps for her attack. As she plays the water harp, blasts of water shoot out at the enemy, overpowering and freezing them. The harp refers to the god Mercury and his to his Greek counterpart, Hermes. Hermes invented the lyre, which is an instrument like the harp.

8/10 Jupiter Oak Evolution is a magnificent combination of elements

sailor jupiter

Sailor Jupiter’s starting powers are associated with thunder in homage to the Roman god of thunder. Her later powers reference trees and flowers because the god Jupiter is also associated with oak trees.

Jupiter Oak Evolution involves botanical and lightning imagery, invoking both associations of the god. Sailor Jupiter uses her weapon, Leaves of Oak, for Jupiter Oak Evolution. A huge cylinder of leaves spins as if it has been caught in a tornado, pierced by lightning. Sailor Jupiter then directs the mass of plant and storm energy towards her target.

7/10 Sailor Uranus splits threats in two with Space Sword Blaster

sailor uranus

Sailor Uranus wields a beautiful sword called the Space Sword. The sword acts as both a weapon and a talisman imbued with a Pure Heart Crystal. The sword is shaped like a scimitar; sometimes the blade is encrusted with jewels, while the blade is scarlet at other times.

Sailor Uranus uses the sword to direct her attack, the Space Sword Blaster. The blade sends out a huge blast of energy that can hit many enemies at once. The strike is great; Sailor Uranus leaps off the ground, her sword in the air, and brings down the glowing blade in a large sweeping arc.

6/10 Mars Flame Sniper always hits the mark

sailor mars

Sailor Mars’ planet is called the Red Planet, and Mars is the Roman god of war. Fittingly, Sailor Mars’ powers almost always reference fire and brimstone. Her most powerful attack is an archery-based attack, invoking traditional images of war.

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The Mars Flame Sniper attack is as beautiful as it is menacing. Sailor Mars gathers flames in the shape of a bow and arrows and pulls the string. Like a dancer turned soldier, she poses and takes aim. The flames form a tunnel as she sends out a powerful beam.

5/10 Venus Love Me Chain catches the villain

sailor venus

Sailor Venus’s planet name comes from the Roman goddess of love and beauty. Most of her attacks are a nod to that goddess, such as Venus Love Me Chain. Sailor Venus lashes out a string of light in the shape of orange hearts like a lasso. Her special attack is later upgraded to Venus Wink Chain Sword, where the goddess light from her forms a powerful sword.

In Venus Love Me Chain, the hearts spiral around the scout as she charges up. She then directs the light in a spiral with her hand positioned in an “I love you” sign with pinky, index finger and thumb extended.

4/10 Garlic Attack is perfect for neutralizing vampires

sailor scouts

The Sailor Scouts’ garlic attack is unique in that it only appears in one episode of the original anime series, with four of the inner Sailor Scouts equally participating in the attack. There’s nothing remotely magical about this special, but the attack makes up for the lack of magic in its wits and effectiveness against its vampire target.

The Scouts eat a garlic-heavy Korean barbecue when they realize that garlic can be useful against the vampire invasion. The four scouts, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Mars, surround Lilica Hubert in her Vampire Lemures form and breathe their garlic breath on her, stopping the vampire in her tracks.

3/10 Dead Scream invokes the powers of death and darkness

sailor pluto

Sailor Pluto wields her best weapon, the Garnet Rod, to use the Dead Scream attack. She stirs the surrounding air with the Garnet Rod, summoning a storm of wind, then gathers energy into a large purple sphere.

Sailor Pluto is a secretive explorer whose main duty is to protect the Gate of Space and Time, using the Garnet Orb, which ends the Garnet Rod as a key to the Gate. Dead Scream is one of her main attacks, and it causes immense pain to the enemy. She will not hesitate to use Dead Scream to defeat the Sailor Scouts’ enemies and protect the Gate.

2/10 Tuxedo Mask roses are more than just a pretty message

tuxedo mask

The reincarnated Prince of Earth does not have many powers. Tuxedo Mask is the definition of a secondary character; he reinforces Sailor Moon by giving her constant encouragement and protecting her with her own body. His personality and his heart are what help him stay in a group full of powerful and capable women.

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There are some instances where Tuxedo Mask uses magical attack powers; the best are his roses. When he throws a rose, pinning its thorny stem to the ground, it is more than a calling card. At the end of season 1, Tuxedo Mask uses a rose to break a huge rock meant to destroy Sailor Moon. The rose stabs Queen Beryl in her chest, protecting Princess Luna.

1/10 Moon Tiara Action

sailor moon

The deadliest part of Sailor Moon’s original superhero costume is her red jeweled tiara. When she removes it from her forehead, she dances and spins with it, charging the tiara into a glowing yellow-white disc which she then throws at her attackers.

It is the first attack Sailor Moon learns and one of the most effective, often splitting enemies in half and reducing them to moondust. As her powers increase, she uses Moon Tiara Action less and less, but her special attack serves her well and it really is the move of a warrior princess.

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