10 Best Anime Shrine Maidens, Ranked


Like any type of media, anime has many standard character tropes and developments which have come up through the years. One fan-favorite archetype is the shrine maiden, also called a Miko. These characters are tasked with sustaining a Shinto shrine and appearing as a information or caretaker for friends who go to.

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Shrine maidens are available in a wide range of personalities, however most are stern, accountable, and take their jobs very severely. With their magnificence, grace, and robust presence, they’re typically the fan favorites of a sequence. Whether they’re the protagonist or tackle a supporting function, shrine maidens are beloved by followers and nearly at all times steal the present.

10/10 Saya Is Both A Shrine Maiden & A Monster Slayer


Saya Kisaragi is the attractive and lethal protagonist of Blood-C. By day, she’s a stunning and kindhearted shrine maiden who takes her duties very severely. She looks as if another unusual teenager, although a bit oblivious at instances. However, by night time, Saya turns into a fierce killer, slaying fearsome creatures often known as Elder Bairns.

Saya’s double life is all for the sake of defending humanity from these bloodsucking monsters. Though she has a lot resting on her shoulders, Saya effortlessly performs her duties as a shrine maiden, highschool pupil, and monster slayer, someway balancing all of her duties all through the sequence.

9/10 Kagami & Tsubasa Are Two Adorable Twin Shrine Maidens

Lucky Star

Lucky Star is a 2000s traditional that includes the every day lives of a gaggle of cute younger women and their adventures collectively as associates. Kagami and Tsubasa Hiiragi are two of the sequence’ primary characters, in addition to the resident shrine maidens of the forged.

These twin sisters work as shrine maidens at their household’s native shrine, and so they can typically be discovered sporting conventional apparel all through the sequence. Kagami and Tsubasa stand out amongst most shrine maidens, as they are much ditzier and easy-going in comparison with the same old archetype.

8/10 Mayura Is The Daughter Of A Shinto Priest With A Love For Mystery

Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok

Despite being the daughter of a Shinto priest, Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok’s Mayura Daidouji is way from religious. She spends most of her time obsessing over mysteries and the occult, and in consequence, she winds up working for the Enjaku Detective Agency as Loki’s assistant.

Mayura’s ardour for all issues thriller typically turns out to be useful when on the case, making her an important a part of the crew. She is probably not the everyday shrine maiden, however the custom nonetheless runs in her household, so she’s more likely to take over the enterprise in some unspecified time in the future.

7/10 Miaka Yuki Is Chosen As The Priestess Of Suzaku

Fushigi Yuugi

Fushigi Yuugi is a historic fantasy traditional starring Miaka Yuki, a younger woman who finds herself transported right into a magical realm inside an historical e-book. In this new world, she discovers that she’s been chosen because the priestess of Suzaku, granting her the ability to summon the god and acquire three needs.

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Miaka is not the standard shrine maiden, however she nonetheless has most of the identical duties. As priestess, she represents her god and should carry out duties as his devoted servant, defending the mysterious land she now calls house.

6/10 Mitsuha Feels Unsatisfied With Her Life As A Shrine Maiden In The Country

Your Name

It’s simple to neglect that Your Name’s feminine protagonist, Mitsuha Miyamizu, is definitely a shrine maiden, particularly since she longs for nothing greater than to flee the quiet lifetime of the countryside the place she works. Nevertheless, she works as a priestess at her household’s shrine, and it is the one life she’s ever actually recognized.

Before the occasions of the movie, Mitsuha has grown bored with her small-town life, wishing she may abandon her duties as a shrine maiden and dwell an thrilling life within the metropolis. Throughout Your Name, she lastly will get the prospect to dwell the life she’s at all times needed by the eyes of the story’s male protagonist, Taki Tachibana.

5/10 Ruka Is Okabe’s Beautiful Young Protégé


Ruka Urushibara is a supporting character within the sci-fi hit Steins;Gate, in addition to the protégé of sequence protagonist, Rintarou Okabe. Though she’s born biologically male in most timelines within the sequence, Ruka needs she had been born a lady as a substitute, and he or she lives her life accordingly.

Ruka’s a strikingly lovely character, dressed within the conventional Miko apparel, and has all of the grace anticipated of a shrine maiden. Though a sequence like Steins;Gate looks as if the final place to discover a shrine maiden, Ruka suits in completely with the setting and story, and he or she’s typically an important a part of the group.

4/10 Machi Is A Shrine Maiden Who Dreams Of The Big City

Kuma Miko: Girl Meets Bear

Machi Amayadori is the younger protagonist of Kuma Miko: Girl Meets Bear and works as a shrine maiden in a distant village within the mountains. With her bear guardian Natsu by her aspect, it is her job to look at over the outdated mountain shrine the place she grew up.

Because she’s lived within the nation her complete life, Machi finds it a very boring way of life. As she grows older, she longs to unfold her wings and discover life exterior her tiny village. She lastly will get that likelihood after beginning highschool within the metropolis. However, Machi quickly learns that there is much more to metropolis life than she realized, and he or she is probably not up for the problem.

3/10 Rika Furude Hides A Dark Secret Behind Her Innocent Eyes

Higurashi: When They Cry

Higurashi: When They Cry’s Rika Furude is a cute younger woman who works at her household’s native shrine. At first look, she looks as if the very image of a candy and harmless shrine maiden. However, this does not final lengthy.

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Though she could look innocent, Rika has a darkish aspect to her that she usually retains at bay. She’s crafty and manipulative, utilizing her cute look to her benefit so she will get what she needs. When issues do not go her approach, she unleashes a merciless and terrifying aspect that may strike worry into the bravest souls.

2/10 Kikyo Is A Resurrected Priestess Tied To The World Of The Living


Out of all of the shrine maiden characters in anime, few are as highly effective and mysterious as Kikyo. After her premature loss of life earlier than the beginning of Inuyasha, she finds herself resurrected fifty years later. Now trapped on this planet of the dwelling, Kikyo should wander the land, accumulating human souls to keep up her new kind.

Though Kikyo typically treads the skinny line between hero and villain, she’s good at coronary heart and longs for nothing greater than to have the ability to assist these round her. Even in her tragic state, Kikyo by no means abandons her priestess duties and carries on as she did in life.

1/10 Rei Is A Shinto Shrine Maiden & A Sailor Guardian

Sailor Moon

Without a doubt, Rei Hino is likely one of the biggest shrine maiden characters in anime historical past. She first seems in Sailor Moon as a devoted and expert Miko, working alongside her grandfather at their household shrine. Rei is extraordinarily hard-working and takes her function as a shrine maiden very severely. She’s developed robust religious powers through the years, and he or she even makes use of these abilities when combating evil as Sailor Mars.

She might sound imply, however Rei is usually the voice of cause within the group and pushes the opposite women to do higher. She’s a power to be reckoned with and a strong heroine that appears able to absolutely anything.

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