10 Best Anime Characters With Scars, Ranked


Humans bleed, and thus, they scar. Narratives use these imperfections as a plot gadget typically related to antagonists. Over time, this trope advanced that anybody will be blemished, no matter their function and ethical alignment. Whether it is an figuring out mark or grounds for a tragic backstory, no two scars on an anime character are the identical.

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Appreciating blemishes does not come straightforward, particularly in anime when the drawings are anticipated to be flawless. However, anime realized to painting scars in an excellent selection. Some titles even change into memorable due to these characters with iconic wounds.

10/10 No One Can Forget Lady’s Face

Devil May Cry

From the Devil May Cry franchise, Lady’s silhouette impressed the anime’s emblem. While technically a video game, the animated collection was launched in 2007. Set between the primary and second installments, the present introduces the protagonist Dante and his devil-hunting enterprise.

Lady, a demon hunter, descended from a priestess who helped Sparda seal the gate between the human and demon worlds. The heterochromatic eyes and the scar that runs throughout her nostril bridge makes her face stand out from different feminine protagonists’.

9/10 The Slash Is A Reminder Of Tatsu’s Former Life

The Way of the House Husband

Since its publication in 2018, The Way of the Househusband has change into probably the greatest comedies and general finest collection of that 12 months. The story follows Tatsu, an notorious yakuza member who retires to change into a househusband for his profession girl spouse, Miku. Every episode facilities round his day by day errands and encounters with folks from on a regular basis life, his former associates, and his enemies.

While he attire up his yakuza go well with and fedora with an apron, he nonetheless carries the scars and tattoos on his physique. One scar on the facet of his face begins at his hairline, drags down over his eyebrow, and ends at his cheek. It can solely be assumed that he acquired this throughout a struggle.

8/10 Criminals Like Yusei Are Literally Scarred

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s succeeded GX and is the second spinoff of the collection. Set within the distant future, it focuses on their battle towards the Dark Signers, and the Three Emperors of Iliaster. When it involves defining options, Yusei’s scar makes him stand out from all the opposite Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonists.

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Technically, the yellow line underneath his left eye is definitely a prison mark. Branded by a laser, he acquired the scar as a punishment for unauthorized entry to Neo Domino City. The mark can’t be eliminated and is used to trace and establish criminals.

7/10 Toriko’s Iconic Three Scars Have Two Different Origins


Ever since its unique manga run in 2008, Toriko gained a ton of recognition and offered over 25 million copies. The writer, Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi, took loads of inventive inspiration from different well-liked anime titles to kind the protagonist, Toriko.

His scars run from his left ear to only underneath his left eye. According to the canon story, he was born with this mark. In Oneshot 2002, the unique pilot manga, Toriko fought towards a Baron Bison with spiky tufts on its tails. This hit Toriko on the face, leaving everlasting scars.

6/10 Shinichi’s Mom Literally Broke His Heart


In the world of Parasyte, parasitic species of unknown origin that take over human our bodies and eat human flesh begin to take over the world. The protagonist, Shinichi, occurs to be the one human whose mind will not be affected by the parasite.

Shinichi’s mom, Nobuko, was taken over by a parasite. She stabbed Shinichi within the coronary heart as punishment for Migi’s failure to host his mind. Migi healed Shinichi again to life utilizing cells from his physique. After repairing his damaged coronary heart, an enormous scar shaped on his chest.

5/10 Garfiel Scarred Himself During A Panic Attack


Re:Zero‘s behavior of introducing characters confuse loads of viewers. Some of them seem like enemies at first, solely to change into an ally later. Garfiel Tinsel belongs to this class. Growing up as a demi-human, he feared the surface world.

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He protected others like him as a former guardian of the Sanctuary. Reliving his mom’s dying brought about him to fall right into a state of panic throughout his First Trial. He scarred himself by repeatedly bashing his head towards the wall.

4/10 Mello Survives A Bomb Explosion

Death Note

After receiving a number of diversifications, followers have completely different theories about Mello from Death Note. Drama watchers assume that Mello is a part of Near’s character, whereas within the films, he does not exist. In the unique anime, L nominated Mello as a successor after his dying.

He executed his personal model of justice by becoming a member of the mafia, utilizing techniques like kidnapping Sayu for ransom to get his method. In an try to seek out Kira and the Death Note, he detonated bombs whereas being held at gunpoint. This left a burn scar on the left facet of his face.

3/10 Ichi Is An Icon Among J-Horror Fans

Ichi The Killer

When it involves horror manga publications, most followers consider Junji Ito. On the opposite hand, followers of the horror style have heard of Ichi The Killer. While it acquired low scores on IMDb, a excessive viewers rating of 82% on Rotten Tomatoes implies that it has a cult following.

The animated prequel, Ichi the Killer: Episode 0, centered on the origin story of the assassin. It’s arduous to neglect the slashes that run throughout his brow, nostril, lips, and proper eye. Due to his ambiguous backstory, viewers do not know whether or not the scars on his face have been from a struggle or self-inflicted.

2/10 Eren’s Titan Form Took A Toll On Him

Attack On Titan

With the manga accomplished for over a 12 months now, solely anime watchers are left ready for the Attack On Titan finale. Eren Yeager began as a boy with noble intentions, solely to develop up and study the tough truths of the world. After the newest occasions within the story, followers start to query Eren’s morals as he slowly turns right into a villain.

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Shifter marks appeared on Eren’s face for the primary time in Season 2’s finale. However, by Season 4, it turns into extra everlasting. The longer an individual is of their Titan kind, the longer and deeper the scars on their face are. They act as burn marks after being absorbed into the Titan our bodies for lengthy intervals.

1/10 Himura Kenshin Has The Most Iconic Anime Scar

Rurouni Kenshin

When it involves the subject of scars, Himura Kenshin is the primary to come back to the minds of basic anime followers. Rurouni Kenshin tells the story of a former murderer and his life after making a vow to by no means take a life once more.

Kenshin’s iconic X-shaped scar was given to him by his old flame and late fiancé, Tomoe, and a younger samurai named Akira whom he was assigned to kill. For a person of his talent, getting wounded within the face comes off as sudden. However, this served as a relentless reminder of his promise and the sacrifices it took for him to show over a brand new leaf.

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