10 Best Animated Movies With No Humans


Most movies focus on human beings, as movies are created by people, written by people, and performed by people. Live action works tend to revolve around humans, but animation is less restricted in this regard.

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The physical appearance of the cast makes no sense in most of the animations. Writers and animators have much more freedom to make their characters whatever they want. Many movies still involve people in their stories, at least to some degree. However, some animated movies avoid them altogether. There are several fantastic animated films that do not feature any human beings.

10/10 Zootopia uses animals as human surrogates

zootopia it is like many animated movies in that it focuses on anthropomorphized animals living in a world much like 21st-century America. The only difference is the species of their characters. zootopia it is not uncommon in the use of humanoid animals. However, it goes further than many works to explore the implications.

zootopia centers on Judy Hopps, a young rabbit who aspires to be a police officer. As she begins her new career, she meets and eventually befriends a cunning fox named Nick. Instead of using the animal characters just for fun visuals, the plot explores the realistic social consequences of predatory and prey animals trying to co-exist.

9/10 The Lion King retells a classic story with lions

The Lion King takes place in the Pride Lands, somewhere in Africa. The Pride Lands are apparently untouched by humanity because no humans appear in the film. Instead, the film follows Simba the lion, as well as Pumbaa the warthog and Timone the meerkat.

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The Lion King the story is very similar to Village, but with lions replacing the human characters. Unlike many movies, these animals are not overly anthropomorphized. They talk and think like humans, but walk on four legs and act like animals. The Lion King is one of the most famous animated films in cinematic history, and its lovable and compelling characters are much to thank for.

8/10 Cars follows the creations of mankind

cars resembles many Pixar movies in having non-human protagonists. Although automobiles are built and maintained by people, there are none in cars or its sequels. Instead, the world of the film is inhabited by intelligent vehicles with no mention of how they were built. The film follows Lightning McQueen, a rookie racer in the Piston Cup.

Towns, stadiums, highways and other signs of human civilization are everywhere in cars. The most notorious absence is that of the people who would have built them, which has led many fans to create terrible and apocalyptic theories. While many fans love or despise cars, It is a funny story with great animation.

7/10 The Lego Batman Movie Removes The Human Element

the lego movie tells an in-universe story directed by its LEGO protagonists. However, it also contains a second story, set in the real world, about a boy named Finn who plays with his father’s LEGO. The two overlap, with the resolution of the latter story helping to resolve the former.

the lego batman movie it removes the real-world story and simply focuses on the universe story of its LEGO characters. Despite this change, the film received critical acclaim for its voice acting, visuals, and humor. the characters in lego batmanMovie they are treated as people, but viewers know that there are real humans in the same fictional universe who do not appear.

6/10 Kung Fu Panda takes place in a different version of ancient China

Kung Fu PandaThe central premise of ‘s is in its name. The critically acclaimed film follows Po as he becomes a martial arts master and finds his self-esteem. All three films in the franchise were critically and commercially successful for their themes and animation, with Kung Fu Panda even winning an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

Po’s journey takes place in a highly fictionalized version of ancient China, based on the Wuxia genre of fiction. One of the biggest deviations from the real world is that there are no people. Instead, it is completely inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. Thus, Kung Fu Panda it is actually based on the history of kung fu, as many styles of kung fu are inspired by the movements of animals, adopted by humans.

5/10 Ice Age 2: The Meltdown is an animal-centric story

Some people forget that humans are central to the first Ice Agethe plot of Ice Age revolves around Manny, Diego, and Sid trying to return a human child to his tribe. This is somewhat exact to the last ice age of the real world when humans co-existed with animals like mammoths.

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Humans are nowhere to be seen in Ice Age 2: The Meltdown. Instead, its plot focuses entirely on its leading animals as they try to escape from the valley. The fall offers another heartwarming story of survival and love, but this time, Manny falls in love with another mammoth named Ellie.

4/10 Onward focuses on fantastic creatures

Ahead it doesn’t tell a story about animals, like many animated movies. Instead, he turns to the fantastic and the mythological. Its protagonists are elves and creatures such as manticores, centaurs and cyclops appear throughout the film. Ahead contrasts its fantastical inhabitants with the mundanity of its 21st-century world.

Ahead it draws heavily on classic fantasy and also more modern urban fantasy, but with one key difference: there are no humans in the film. Although the film’s financial success was cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic, fans and critics alike enjoyed Ahead themes of love, death, and family as the brothers try to revive their late father.

3/10 Robin Hood turns the main character into a fox

Robin Hood is an old English folk tale inspired by various heroic outlaws from the real world. Since all of these outlaws were human, so are most depictions of Robin. However, this is not the case in Disney’s 1973. Robin Hoodwhich turns the cast into animals.

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Robin Hood and Maid Marian are foxes, Little John is a grizzly bear, and King Richard and Prince John are lions. this becomes Robin Hood in a fun adventure story with cute and lovable characters voiced by talented actors.

2/10 Singing Characteristics Singing Animals

Sing is an unexpectedly popular musical animated film. Its plot centers around a struggling theater that hosts a singing contest to save it from foreclosure. The contestants include a singing mouse and the good-natured son of a bank robber.

These characters could easily be human, but Sing turns them into anthropomorphic animals. Sing use this cleverly in some way; Rosita is so upset because she has many litters of piglets and Johnny’s father uses his intense gorilla strength in his criminal activities. For the most part, however, Sing he does not explore the consequences of his world full of animals. Instead, the 2016 film focuses on the theme that people should always do what makes them happy.

1/10 The life of an insect sticks to the small image

Anthropomorphic animals are common in animated films. Nevertheless, life of a bug stands out from the rest by focusing on anthropomorphic insects, and its protagonists, antagonists, and supporting characters are all insects. life of a bug follows a colony of ants trying to gather food for a horde of vicious grasshoppers.

Many Pixar movies show humans from the perspective of other creatures. life of a bug it omits them entirely. Instead, he uses his hierarchical world of insects to make various points about human society. His characters represent humans even more strongly than in other Pixar movies.

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