10 Anime Villains Who Changed The World


For every great anime protagonist, there are countless villains lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right opportunity to carry out their plans for world domination. Thanks to the anime community’s love for heroic lead characters, these dastardly schemes rarely come to fruition. However, from time to time, these villains can have an everlasting impact on their respective series.

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Successful anime villains may be rare, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Some iconic antagonists caught on to his plans and changed the world they call home, even if their role in the narrative isn’t important. Consequently, they should be recognized for their achievements.

10/10 Eren Yaeger launched an attack against the entire world

attack on titan

Anime fans have praised attack on titan since its launch in 2013, but lately, the show’s audience has reached levels of popularity that few series in the history of the medium rival. A big reason for this development is Eren Yaeger’s compelling evolution from lovable protagonist to morally reprehensible villain.

After gaining the power of the Attack, Warhammer, and Founding Titans, Eren launches an attack against every nation outside of Eldia, laying waste to much of the world in the process. Regardless of whether the show’s protagonists are able to stop him, Jaeger certainly left his mark on the world of attack on titan.

9/10 Muzan Kibutsuji spread his demonic affliction throughout Japan

Murderer of demons

Most shonen anime establish their main antagonists fairly quickly, but they rarely play as big a role as Murderer of demonsIt is Muzan Kibutsuji. The malevolent villain encounters Tanjiro Kamado during the early stages of the protagonist’s journey, but more importantly, Muzan is the source of the affliction that plagues the enemies of the Demon Slayer Corps.

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as seen throughout Murderer of demons, the demons cause great problems for the citizens of Japan. The hideous creatures regularly kidnap civilians, and when the Demon Slayers manage to fight them off, it often results in a great deal of collateral damage to the surrounding area. Muzan organizes his forces from the shadows, making it difficult for any hero to get in his way.

8/10 Majin Buu wiped out most of the Earth’s population.

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is packed with capable villains, and while Frieza and Cell may hold a rarefied air among anime villains, Majin Buu actually causes the most chaos on all of Planet Earth. He enjoys multiple power-ups during his conflict with Z Fighter, including the monumentally strong “Super Buu” form that kills the vast majority of Earth’s inhabitants.

In an attempt to buy time against Super Buu, Piccolo suggests that the villain entertain himself by eliminating some of Earth’s humans, knowing that they might wish them back with the planet’s Dragon Balls. However, in a shocking twist, Buu performs his Human Extinction Attack, killing every person on Earth except the Z Fighters and his closest companions.

7/10 Blackbeard ushered in the new age

One piece

Monkey D. Luffy’s great journey to become One pieceThe Next Pirate King takes place during a period of global political turmoil, allowing characters like Marshall D. Teach to take advantage of the situation. for much of One pieceTeach (also known as Blackbeard) operates as part of the Seven Warlords of the Sea appointed by the World Government.

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After using his title as Warlord to capture Portgas D. Ace, setting the events of the Spire War in motion, Blackbeard then deals the killing blow to Edward Newgate. By killing Whitebeard, Teach throws the world into the New Age and forcibly causes a rapid change in One piece.

6/10 The eldest made an army of fascist vampires


hell It’s no stranger to mass causality events, as it’s set in a world still reeling in the wake of a vampire-filled World War II. Although the Nazi Party was still defeated in this universe, many of its members escaped to South America, and eventually The Major took control of its forces.

The major’s primary goal is simple: to wage endless war against the world that despises him and his allies. To do so, he manufactures thousands of inhuman hybrids, including many man-made vampires who sow discord throughout much of the world. hell franchise.

5/10 All for one ruled a superhuman society

my hero academia

As much good as All Might has done for the world of my hero academiahis efforts still pale in comparison to his villainous counterpart, All For One. When Quirks began to form across the world, All For One used his power to steal and transfer Quirks and take control of Japan.

With this overwhelming power, All For One ruled with an iron fist for decades, building an empire based on his ever-expanding list of abilities. His oppression eventually led to One For All’s powers manifesting in the form used by Izuku Midoriya, forever changing the history of One For All. My Hero Academy.

4/10 Light Yagami wreaked havoc with Shinigami powers

Death Note

Death Note centers around a single notebook that possesses the ability to kill any human whose name is written inside. Light Yagami finds this supernatural artifact in Death Note‘s first episode, and from this point on, he sows discord throughout the world by killing anyone he deems unworthy of living in his future utopia.

According to semi-canon sources, Light Yagami killed over 100,000 people, many of whom held important roles in society. Though his obsession with the Death Note eventually led to his death, Light clearly used his abilities to maximum effect.

3/10 The ant king brought down the greatest hunter of a generation

hunter x hunter

It may come as a shock to some fans, but hunter x hunter takes place in a small lake that is surrounded by an incomprehensibly huge continent. Meruem, the almighty Ant King, is the strongest character seen in all hunter x hunter and one of the few creatures shown to fans to come from this outer continent.

During his brief stint at hunter x hunter, Meruem completely alters the course of human history. It introduces the younger generation (ie Killua and Gon) to the true potential of Nen, ends the life of the world’s most established hunter (Netero) and prompts humans to turn their eyes towards outside exploration.

2/10 Madara built Hidden Leaf Village alongside his biggest rival

naruto shippuden

A large part of naruto The series takes place in the Hidden Leaf Village, one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries in Tierra del Fuego. While a variety of different characters have played a role in the nation’s development, no individual was arguably more crucial to its formation than the legendary Madara Uchiha.

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Madara is as talented as any shinobi in naruto history. However, his desire for control makes him more of a threat than a benefit to the advancement of society. He may have helped form the Hidden Leaf Village, but his skewed view of the world is what allowed Obito, Zetsu, and Kaguya to rise to power many years later.

1/10 Griffith plunged the world into an age of darkness


The world of crazed has never been very cheerful. Bandits, plagues, and demons decorate her landscape, but for much of crazed, two characters offer hope that these circumstances can one day be avoided: Guts and Griffith. The duo are immensely powerful, and by combining their efforts, they gain the necessary political and physical might to fight back. Unfortunately, at the worst possible time, Griffith switches sides to join the evil Hand of God.

The former leader of the Band of the Falcon gives up his humanity in favor of this transformation, granting him the power he needed to transform the world of crazed. Griffith’s impact is felt immediately and he launches the Physical World down a dark path that is fraught with betrayal and demonic influence.

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