10 Anime Heroes Who Love Being Heroes


In the world of anime, the line between hero and villain can be blurred, as in attack on titan Y vinland saga. Other anime series like Komi can’t communicate Y Horimiya they don’t even have clearly defined heroes or villains. But for certain anime heroes, the line is clearly drawn and they know where they stand.

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Anime protagonists can do more than push the story forward and protect their friends. Many anime protagonists know that they are heroes and strongly identify with that. For those anime heroes, being the good guy/girl in the story is a personal satisfaction, and they could make a career out of it.

10/10 Shinra Kusakabe always called himself a “hero”

fire force

Sharp-toothed shonen protagonist Shinra Kusakabe called himself a hero even before he started training as a firefighter soldier in fire force. As a child, Shinra would run around with a towel tied around his neck like Superman, and after his family fell apart, Shinra vowed to be a true hero at last.

Shinra saves lives for a living, but unlike Maki Oze and Lieutenant Hinawa, he makes a game of it. Shinra loves being the center of attention as a firefighter soldier hero, and even comes up with superhero-themed names depending on the situation at hand.

9/10 Saitama is a hero for fun

One Punch Man

The bald man with a cape Saitama explained that he is a superhero for one reason only: fun. This was Saitama’s best strategy to escape the corporate rat race, and he would fight like a hero even if he never got paid a single yen for it. He, too, does not need widespread recognition or fame.

That sets Saitama apart from other heroes in One Punch Man. Many of them do it for money or to show off, but Saitama contrasts his godly strength with his quiet humility and wholesome reasons for donning the cloak.

8/10 Izuku Midoriya always longed for the life of the hero

my hero academia

Most of the students in Class 1-A in my hero academia they have stated their personal reasons for training as heroes. Ochaco wants to send money to his parents, while Eijiro Kirishima tries hard to emulate Crimson Riot. Meanwhile, Izuku Midoriya, the protagonist, is a born hero.

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Izuku always looked up to professional heroes, especially All Might, and longed to be like them. Now, with One For All, Izuku can train hard and make his passionate dream come true. Not many boys or girls his age get an opportunity as wonderful as that, so Izuku will make the most of it.

7/10 Tohru Honda loves helping people like The Sohmas

Fruit basquet

The shojo hero Tohru Honda doesn’t wear a cape, but she is still a hero in the eyes of the miserable Sohma family. Tohru is a natural helper who feels validated when she helps others and feels guilty whenever she neglects someone in need.

No one asked Tohru to help the Sohmas in Fruit basquet. She did it all herself, and she would do it all over again, if need be. Tohru is always quick when she helps needy people with broken hearts, but she would never brag about it. Tohru is passionate, but also humble.

6/10 Senku Ishigami thinks it’s exciting to save the world

dr stone

Senku Ishigami, the teenage scientist, can do much more than just survive in the new Stone Age 3,700 years from now. Like a true hero, dr stoneThe protagonist of set himself a goal: to revive the entire human race with the power of pure science.

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Senku may be a sharp-tongued scientist, but he’s still a shonen hero at heart. He believes in truth, honesty, hard work, and the power of friendship, all for the good of other people around the world. Senku also finds it genuinely exciting to do all of this, and he never loses motivation.

5/10 Natsu Dragneel loves fighting bad guys

Fairy tale

in the world of Fairy tale, most wizards only do their work for money and are not usually heroes or villains. The exception is dark wizard guilds like Oracion Seis and Grimoire Heart, whose members are definitely villains, and Natsu Dragneel knows it.

Natsu takes personal pleasure in defeating evil wizards to save his friends, and he doesn’t even need money to motivate him for such work. Natsu feels the same way when he fights against thug guilds like Sabertooth, who walks the line between good and evil.

4/10 Inosuke Hashibira can’t wait to kill demons

Murderer of demons

Tanjiro Kamado, the protagonist, does not find it fun to kill demons. He only fights so he can find a way to restore Nezuko’s humanity, and Zenitsu doesn’t want to fight at all. The third member of Murderer of demons‘s main trio, the wild Inosuke Hashibira, actually loves to fight for their own good.

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Inosuke really enjoys slaughtering demons with his two jagged swords, and it’s all he ever wants to do. For Inosuke, saving lives or getting paid comes second. The joy of fighting and killing demons is the only motivation he needs in this series.

3/10 Naruto Uzumaki feels validated through combat


the protagonist of naruto, the brave Naruto Uzumaki, cannot imagine living any other lifestyle than being a ninja. Naruto enjoys combat and adventuring, and best of all, being the hero of the Leaf Village will help validate his entire existence.

Naruto craves admiration and respect, and he won’t get it as a merchant or farmer. Being a hero is the only way to become a famous Hokage, and that’s what fuels the flames of passion in his heart. Being a hero is what Naruto was born to do.

2/10 Anya Forger loves heroic spies

Spy X Family

Young telepath Anya Forger looks up to her super-spy adoptive father Loid Forger, and wants to be more like him no matter what. Anya herself loves spies in general, in fact, so she’s doubly motivated to live up to her father’s example in some way.

Anya is not an ordinary student. She longs to save the day and impress everyone as a pint-sized spy hero, and she realized that dream when she saved a drowning boy from doom. She and Bond also found a bomb and helped Loid defuse it to save the day once again in Spy x Family.

1/10 Denji loves fighting demons for a living.

chainsaw man

in the world of chainsaw man, demons are supernatural representations of humanity’s worst fears, from zombies to bats to firearms and, of course, Hell itself. Fighting such creatures is scary and dangerous, but for the anti-hero Denji, fighting demons is a way of life.

Denji has very little to lose and everything to gain by officially working as a demon slayer hero under the command of Makima. He can be sleazy and goofy at times, but Denji loves being the heroic Chainsaw Man, something he increasingly identifies with.

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