Many anime characters are plagued with misfortune and turmoil, notably in action-based exhibits. Yet, some seem to take the brunt of the drive in the case of dangerous luck and mishaps. This is true for a handful of particularly unlucky characters who need to be glad.

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These characters have had tough experiences in life. Whether they’re burned out from working, obtained rejected by their crush, or are simply bored with combating, these characters deserve a smile of their lives. Anime followers in every single place want these characters all the perfect after the struggles they deal with of their exhibits.

10 Mako Mankanshoku Deserves To Stay Happy

Kill La Kill

Mako Mankanshoku is Ryuko Matoi’s self-appointed finest buddy and hype-man. She at all times has Ryuko’s again, and even snaps Ryuko out of sporting an altered Kamui Junketsu. Despite her glad persona, Mako lives in dismal situations, and continuously will get captured or is compelled to work by the higher-ups.

Yet, by means of all of it, Mako maintains her brilliant outlook. Mako’s at all times sunny disposition and fierce loyalty endeared her to followers, lots of whom hope that Mako by no means loses her luster. Mako deserves to be glad as a result of she makes everybody else glad in Kill la Kill.

9 Makoto Sunakawa Helped Takeo Find Happiness

My Love Story!!

Makoto Sunakawa is a somewhat reserved teen from My Love Story!!. Although anybody would appear reserved when in comparison with Suna’s finest buddy, Takeo Gouda, Suna by no means actually exhibits a lot emotion except Takeo makes him chuckle.

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Throughout his life, Suna has taken care of Takeo and fended off any women who had been imply to Takeo. However, this has left him alone within the romance division. Hopefully, now that he has helped Takeo and Yamato discover their glad ending, Suna can be happy to seek out his personal.

8 Shinichi Izumi Deserves To Be Just Himself Again

Parasyte: The Maxim

Shinichi Izumi is a standard highschool scholar till an alien parasite takes residence in his hand within the anime Parasyte: The Maxim. Though the parasites usually take over the mind, Shinichi’s parasite, Migi, stayed in his hand. This compelled the 2 of them to have a symbiotic relationship that labored — not less than more often than not.

Yet, after a lot combating and stress of hiding from different Parasites, Shinichi deserves a break. With his mother’s passing and all of the chaos of coping with unsavory characters, Shinichi deserves to seek out happiness someplace removed from parasites.

7 Takehisa Hinawa Hates Fire

Fire Force

Takehisa Hinawa has at all times been stoic and orderly. As an ex-army man, he was inflexible in his instructions and a perfect soldier. Yet, that each one modified when his finest buddy turned Infernal, and Hinawa was compelled to shoot him.

Now, Hinawa is staunchly towards the usage of any hearth. He additionally avoids shut relationships, selecting to deal with his new job as a Fire Soldier. After every thing he is been by means of and the tireless work he is put into each the military and the Fire Force, Hinawa deserves to have a break and be glad in Fire Force.

6 Minori Kushieda Deserves To See Aliens


Minori Kushieda is an brisk woman who at all times appears bubbly regardless of the scenario within the anime Toradora!. However, beneath her sunny disposition, Kushieda ends the present with a damaged coronary heart. The protagonist Ryuuji Takasu has an enormous crush on her at the beginning of the story — and she or he secretly reciprocates his emotions.

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Yet, as soon as her finest buddy Taiga Aisaka expresses curiosity in Ryuuji, Kushieda backs off. Kushieda is visibly heartbroken by her resolution. Fans additionally really feel much more sorry for her since Ryuuji did have emotions for her. Fans hope that Kushieda will in the future discover happiness with an incredible man who can sustain along with her.

5 Kento Nanami Wants To Do Something Meaningful

Jujutsu Kaisen

Kento Nanami is a Sorcerer and one of many mentors in Jujutsu Kaisen. Though he left jujutsu sorcery for a time to turn out to be a salaryman, Nanami is again to combating curses after workplace burnout units in.

Despite this modification of employment, Nanami nonetheless shouldn’t be very glad. Tired of the intense stress and loss with the job, Nanami longs to do one thing significant that additionally doesn’t require such sacrifice. Nanami deserves to seek out his personal place on the earth the place he may also help folks make a distinction and be appreciated for his job with out worrying about dropping his life.

4 Satoru Fujinuma Should Get To Experience His New Life


Satoru Fujinuma is a down-on-his-luck grownup who can return in time to make things better that went improper. One day, he goes thus far that he’s again in elementary college. There, he searches for a assassin and tries to save lots of his associates and classmates within the present Erased. Although Satoru succeeds in his duties, he leads to a coma for years.

This sadly causes Satoru to overlook out on the life he as soon as had, and likewise miss the possibility to be along with his childhood crush. The ending does present some promise with Satoru and a piece buddy, however many followers really feel Satoru deserves extra happiness after saving numerous youngsters from despicable fates.

3 Shun Hashimoto Deserves To Feel Good About Himself & His Partner

The Stranger By The Shore

When Shun Hashimoto got here out to his mother and father, they had been enraged and kicked him out of the home. Now dwelling in Okinawa, he meets a younger man named Mio Chibana and falls in love. After years aside, Mio returns to Shun’s aspect, however Shun stays hesitant about beginning a relationship since he would not wish to topic Mio to the ridicule he has confronted his complete life.

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Shun is affected by fear and remorse the place Mio is anxious. He’s very in love with Mio however doesn’t need him to get damage. Audiences had been delighted to see that Shun and Mio lastly obtained collectively by the tip of The Stranger By The Shore.

2 Kyo Sohma Deserves To Be Shown Love

Fruits Basket

Kyo Sohma is an outcast in his household. Although he’s cursed with one of many 13 zodiac animals, his animal is the reviled cat that may rework right into a hideous monster. His complete household hates him, however particularly his father.

Due to this animosity, Kyo faces many private struggles. He typically feels nugatory, regardless of how onerous he tries to enhance himself. With triumphant hearts, followers rejoiced when Kyo lastly discovered his deserved happiness along with his long-time crush, Tohru, by the tip of Fruits Basket.

1 Mikasa Ackerman Is Too Great To Be Cast Aside

Attack On Titan

Mikasa Ackerman is among the strongest and most expert troopers in Attack on Titan. However, her biggest weak point is her childhood buddy, Eren Yeager. Ever since he saved her from kidnappers after they had been younger, Mikasa has been deeply in love with him.

Unfortunately for Mikasa, Eren appears to harbor no such affection for her. He even berates her in entrance of others and tells her that her devotion to him means nothing. Many followers dream of a day when Mikasa provides up on Eren and finds somebody who will treasure her for the catch she is.

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