10 Anime Characters Who Are Looking For Purpose


The hero’s journey is the commonest storytelling method utilized in anime. Action, journey, and even romance could also be essential parts of any given collection, however what retains followers coming again for extra is watching a personality develop and discover their goal.

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Not each anime character must discover a goal to attain their objectives. However, the characters who wrestle to discover a sense of self are probably the most relatable and a few of the most memorable in anime. These characters embody the concern and doubt related to the human expertise, and followers love them much more for the struggles they face whereas discovering themselves.

10/10 Midoriya Learns To Be His Own Hero

My Hero Academia

Midoriya from My Hero Academia desires to be a hero from the very second he can comprehend what being a hero is. However, his life plans are utterly ruined when he discovers he is one of many few folks on the planet who’re Quirkless.

He’s fortunate sufficient to achieve a Quirk, however his life does not get simpler with a Quirk, it truly will get more durable. Midoriya struggles to determine what being a hero means to him and what sort of hero he desires to be. He desires to avoid wasting folks like All Might, however studying to be his personal hero and never only a carbon copy of All Might takes plenty of soul-searching.

9/10 Yatora Finds His Dream In Art

Blue Period

Yatora from Blue Period has glorious grades, however he is utterly unmotivated in relation to his future. He pretends to have a carefree angle, however deep down, he is bored along with his life and desires to search out his true calling. Everything modifications for him when he sees a fantastic portray performed by one among his classmates.

From that time on, he is decided to pursue artwork, but it surely does not come simple. Art is not nearly studying how to attract however discovering his fashion and studying how you can put himself on the web page. He works so laborious making an attempt to make his artwork stand out that he truly makes himself sick. He nonetheless has a protracted journey forward of himself in relation to artwork, however the truth that he will get into artwork faculty exhibits how a lot he is realized to place himself into his paintings.

8/10 Robin Decides To Live

One Piece

Robin from One Piece is an extremely clever and mysterious girl. She comes throughout as assured, however even she questions what her goal is and if she’s worthy of her personal life. During the Enies Lobby arc, when Robin is dealing with dying, she’s mentally at her lowest. She even tells Luffy that she desires to die as a result of she has no goal.

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Luckily for Robin, missing a goal is not an issue in relation to being part of the Straw Hat crew. She might proceed to be uncertain about whether or not her life is value greater than the individuals who have died for her, however she’s not less than prepared to stay on and pursue her dream of data.

7/10 Atsushi Finds His Self-Worth

Bungou Stray Dogs

Atsushi from Bungou Stray Dogs is severely abused as a toddler, which impacts his shallowness and self-worth. Even after becoming a member of the detective company, he struggles to know how essential he’s to the crew.

Atsushi sees himself as a monster with no worth or true goal, which frequently results in him spiraling when issues go improper. What actually helps him heal and discover a goal helps others. Saving Kyoka and seeing himself in her helps him come to phrases along with his previous and understand the distinction he could make by working within the detective company.

6/10 Haruki Learns To Love Life

I Want To Eat Your Pancreas

Haruki from I Want to Eat Your Pancreas is totally indifferent from the world round him. He has little curiosity in pursuing objectives or friendships, which frequently results in him spending as little time with folks as potential.

This modifications throughout an opportunity encounter with Sakura who has a terminal sickness. Her relentless pursuit of him results in them forming a quick friendship. It’s due to her unpredictability and want for journey that he is capable of be taught to get pleasure from life and understand that he truly desires to discover a goal for residing.

5/10 Naruto Wants To Be Respected


Naruto is ostracized by his whole village for many of his childhood. He does not perceive the hatred folks have in the direction of him, which frequently results in him performing out for consideration. While most individuals would flip to villainy due to the abuse, Naruto decides to change into the village’s Hokage.

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He desires folks to look as much as him, but it surely’s additionally clear changing into Hokage is about discovering a goal. For most of his life, he is been taught that he is a waste of house or a burden on the folks round him. Becoming Hokage will enable him to achieve each power and respect, which is why it is his most essential purpose.

4/10 Violet Needs A Life Without The Major

Violet Evergarden

Violet from Violet Evergarden is a battle veteran who struggles with understanding regular feelings. She takes the job of a Doll, writing letters for folks in an try to higher perceive feelings and her personal emotions in the direction of the person who saved her life.

Since her complete existence revolved round killing, she struggles to discover a goal for herself in a time of peace. Writing for others could seem unimportant, however connecting folks along with phrases is how Violet is ready to determine how you can stay with out Major Gilbert.

3/10 Kenshin Wants To Atone For His Sins

Rurouni Kenshin

Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin is a infamous swordsman who spends most of his life killing. He might have believed he was combating for the appropriate aspect initially of the battle, however by the tip of it, he is so wracked with guilt he refuses to kill anybody ever once more.

Kenshin acts cheery in the direction of folks, however as a wandering swordsman, he lacks goal. For a few years, the one factor driving him is his have to atone for his previous sins. It’s due to Kaoru that Kenshin is ready to discover a new goal. Helping others and defending the Kamiya Dojo is how he is capable of atone for the errors he is made.

2/10 Yuri Learns To Love Skating Again

Yuri On Ice

Yuri is likely one of the greatest ice skaters in Japan, however he definitely does not act prefer it. At the start of Yuri on Ice, he suffers an embarrassing loss that just about drives him out of the skating world solely.

He losses all motivation to skate and even questions whether or not pursuing his skating profession is value it if he is not ok to compete. Luckily, Victor exhibits up and provides Yuri a brand new goal. Training with Victor and making his coach proud drives Yuri to be a greater and extra assured skater.

1/10 Josee Finds Purpose In The Outside World

Josee, The Tiger And The Fish

Josee is a impolite and considerably naive lady who spends most of her time cooped up at residence. Since she requires a wheelchair to get round, her grandmother does not belief her sufficient to exit on her personal. She is aware of nearly nothing concerning the world round her, which frequently leaves her feeling despondent and out of contact.

Despite her incapacity, Josee’s dream is to discover the surface world. She additionally has a ardour for artwork, which she practically abandons earlier than she is ready to exit and discover the world round her. By experiencing life outdoors, she’s capable of regain her motivation to create and he or she discovers that drawing illustrations for books is what she desires to do in life.

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